About Us

Asmartime International is a Hong Kong based watch and fashion jewelry OEM/ODM manufacturer, with more than 30 years of experiences in the industry. We have established an international network of manufacturing and supplier base with fully vertical manufacturing model. The network covers Southern China, Myanmar and Switzerland to provide a wide range of cost options and flexibility. Today, we are one of the most dependable partners for joint-design, development, manufacturing and assembly to stainless steel watches and fashion accessories.

Our core capability includes:

Vertical production model

In-house tooling

Metal shape forming & processing

Cutting edge production technologies and automation


In-house laboratory

ISO certified production lines

Obsession to details and craftmanship

Cutting edge production technologies

Automation technologies

Aside from hardware related investment, Asmartime deeply understand the importance of design innovations. We relentlessly push for innovative use of materials and manufacturing techniques. From ceramics, carbon fiber to sapphire, components are made in-house to maintain maximum cost-saving while not compromising great design concepts. Our commitment to business sustainability leads us to work closely with customers to tackle design for manufacturing process to provide the greatest value.