Built for eye pleasing designs

Prior to 2000, the company goes by the name DesignTime because we firmly believe the design of a product goes ahead of everything. A well-crafted design can also stay as an eternal masterpiece. In a competitive environment, excellent craftmanship and an eye pleasing design determines success.

Early in the 1960s the company was found as a fine jewelry maker. As we move on to watch manufacturing we extended our knowhow and craftsmanship to make timepiece more than just a time telling device. Our industrial engineers work closely with design communities to translate concepts into samples to capture every fine essence of the design. Our core capability includes:

  • Fast sample turnaround time
  • In-house German ODM designs
  • DFM (Design for manufacturing)
  • Design To Value analysis
  • ISO9001 certified facilities
  • SKU management
  • Parts customization (mechanical movement, with made in Swiss options)
  • Extensive experience in different materials

Got a design in mind? Come check with us on info@designtime.com.hk