Engineered for quality

Early on in the designing phase, we take serious care into quality and product compliance by design. Each CAD drawing is designed base on DFM (Design for manufacturing) to achieve maximum saving on cost and keeping design essences and quality.

Extensive measures are taken into into quality assurance. From Japanese/Swiss movements to in-house fabricated components, our quality team make sure they pass all applicable cosmetic and functional tests. Since 2014 we also have our laboratory certified by CNAS (according to ISO/IEC17025:2005) on Nickel release and RoHS compliance. This makes sure customers can take one step forward on quality management, reducing legal risk and shipment delays.

We also work extensively with the compliance industry on updating and implementing latest standard (e.g.: RoHS and Nickel release). Asmartime also invested relentlessly to drive quality through automation. Our in-house automation team design solutions such as:

  • Robotic arms & stampers,
  • Advanced compound progressive tooling
  • CNC polishers, plasma polishing devices
  • Automatic assembly, etc

These provide constant premium quality at an affordable price. In a world of non-compromising quality, together we stay ahead in the game.